Based in Toronto, we are a group of specialized experts from three distinct fields: Cuisine, Cocktails and Cannabis. At our events, we curate and infuse a menu of cocktails and fine dining with a handpicked selection of cannabis extracts, and employ an entertaining master of ceremonies who guides members through a educational evening of sampling, while also enjoying the effects of the cannabis with adults from across a spectrum of diverse industries. 
We’re confident your experience with CC Supper Club will have you excited to tell your friends about the variety of infused products that will soon become household names from coast to coast and, be assured, if at the close of our evening our members are ready to happily fly home with ease, we always remind them: **DO NOT DRIVE** as our staff are ready to recommend friendly taxi service. 

Space for members is limited, so pick an event and book a seat in advance. 
If you are a chef with a unique idea for a menu, or have an item you feel is worthy for our chef to include – or if you have created a new product infused with the legal limit of cannabis in Canada (10mg per serving) and would like us to consider it at a future event – please feel free to contact us as well.

What To Expect

When you arrive at our high-end discreet location in the center of downtown entertainment district. You will be greeted at the door and requested to produce your membership number. Upon verification you will be escorted by a knowledgeable ambassador to a private section of the establishment to be seated at your designated table.

At Your Table

An itinerary and booklet with information about everything around you, outlining entertainment for evening, as well as the items which are on the way, will enlighten you and enhance your journey throughout the evening. It will also allow you to consume responsibly and know how to recognize when you’ve had enough – and regarding your supper plans, how to subtly and confidentiality request proceeding through your service with non-infused options.

“An wonderful demonstration of knowledge and karisma that enlightens the guests and truly delivers an enjoyable experience for both experienced and non-experienced cannabis advocates looking to learn more about a growing industry” -the6tender

The Service

You will be then be approached by one of our well spoken, and ready to speak, attendants to introduce themselves and help you make your first choice of the evening – what to drink? The attendant will deliver an explanation into the two to five variants of cocktails available for the evening. Each cocktail will have an expertly crafted story behind each component of the drink and they will pass these details along to their guests through our ambassador, attendants, and occasionally himself from time to time will perform for the group from a collection of knowledge based demonstrations.

The Experience

The infusions will be a spectrum for various effects curated by our cannabis connoisseur who has selected a range of Sativa’s including light through heavy potencies available for guests to control their own journey. The chosen drink will set the tone for the evening having a rather quick onset to ensure that even the most unexperienced guest will feel confidant that they are safe and not going to be overwhelmed by the effects. This selection process will continue in the same manner throughout a 5-course meal including (infused) dessert and coffee. If the gently humming buzz isn’t enough to call it an evening, you will be able to request a CC doggy bag from our charity booth, make a donation and fly home feeling great about it!